Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Haters ??

Hai !!
Okay harinih hari yang sgt special 2 all my haters . Guess what ?? Akuh Update dis entry just for my haters only . Ohh how special u r smpaikan akuh update entry khas utk korang kan ?? Hahahaha *Gelak kuat2 !!

First of all , akuh nak cakap akuh tak sedih pon pasal haters nih . Nak tau kenape ?? I'm not sad , depressed nor hurt by all the haters . Okay if i look sad , it is not bacause of my haters but its because of myself . *For the personal reasons dat i would not tell anybody about it . =)

All i know , haters nih ada pendapat dorang sndrik tapi dorang tatau cam ne nak luahkan pendapat dorg dengan cara yang betul atau  cara yg lebih baik . They just dont know how to give their opinions nicely , but they mean   well . Trust me !! :)

Sometimes , they might be very angry or something at you , but there must be a reason why they are like dat . Probably i did something wrong and i just proud to see it . Hahahaha !!

Haruslah akuh ada terasa n tersinggung sometimes , i am human after all . But ohh well , we cannot  win over all heart <3 <3 <3

So , tak yah la nak sedih2 pasal haters nih . If u have haters , just stay way from them . Let them be . If the person carik pasal ngn u olls ,no need to do something bad la . Hahahaha =p
How's dat for an awesome advice ?? Har har har XD

Let me share something 4 u :)

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